Friday, April 8, 2011

Do you think you're cute?

When you dropped every moral, every ounce of dignity, pride, and self respect to fill that hunger of selfishness, did you think any less of yourself? Cause I would've. When you used not only another human being, but your own body as an attempt to make him jealous, do you think it worked? I doubt it. When you  you let his friend take you into his truck to do him a favor after treating you like you're a nobody at the party, did you feel even the least bit trashy? Cause you should have. When you stabbed your friend in the back, did you not feel remorseful enough the first time to keep you from doing it again? It's okay, you were never my friend. Friends don't invent a lie by pretending the truth never happened. "Three things cannot be hidden; The sun, the moon, and the truth."I prefer to surround myself with class, a lady, not a skank. Do you think it's cute that you put yourself out there like a dinner buffett? My goodness, just because there's more than enough of you to go around, doesn't mean you have to give every one a slice of pie. In this case mud pie, cause bitch frankly, you're dirty. When I hear your name I cringe at the thought of your existance,  when I see your face, I clinch my fist into balls instinctively and I want to hurt you, but the bitterness will pass in time. One day I'll hear your name and laugh at your foolishness, I'll see your face and think pitty. I wish nothing but the best for you, at a distance. So if you like the life style you lead, keep on truckin, because of you, I'm only stronger, because of you, you're only weaker.

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